Off topic... because I'm coveting Janelle Monae's style

...because that cape. That CAPE!

So lately, I've been shuffling around the house looking kind of like this...


...except in the case of this photo it really wasn't that bad because of that 1996 bottle of Barolo I'm holding. Aaron brought it back from a business trip to Italy a while back, with the promise that we'd open it when I officially had a literary agent. And then, because it's us and we are constantly spinning 15 plate each, we forgot. And then we all got the crud. And after that it was as if the bottle never existed... until two nights ago. It may have ruined my palette for $20 and under bottles of wine for a few days. Dang it.

But I digress. I've been looking pretty schlumpy, even if I haven't necessarily felt that way the entire time. I've also left the house (not counting carpool) only five or six times since returning from Europe. That was three-and-a-half weeks ago! That's really not like me. At all.

My fabulous friend Barbara forced me to join her at Cellar On Greene the other night, which snapped me out of whatever this schlumpy thing was all about (I mean, I've been in fairly good spirits! Laziness, I guess?). But a day or two before then I noticed a post from Janelle Monae on Instagram that made me squeal.

Screenshot taken of  Janelle Monae's Instagram  post

Screenshot taken of Janelle Monae's Instagram post

I must have that top, skirt and cape in royal blue.

If I ever find out who makes it and don't have to take out a loan on my house to get it,

It will be mine.

In all seriousness, though, I go through sartorial metamorphoses every four or five years, and I've felt one coming on lately. Maybe it has to do with me suddenly wearing my hair curly when I bother to do anything with it. I didn't realize until recently that some people thought I'd grown out my natural hair. 


Well, I did try. What grew out horrified me, and every hair stylist who laid eyes on it. Natural hair is beautiful. But my African roots and my not-so-distant French, Cherokee and Irish ones decided to each take up residence on different areas of my scalp. When you have enough hair on your head for three or four people that makes things more difficult than I was willing to accept. It finally came to a point where I had to return to straightening my hair with relaxers or shave it all off. I'm not talking about a teeny-weenie-Afro. ALL. OFF. I went with straightening and started wearing it in two French braids when I wash it. After it's dry I just unbraid, put some Moroccan Oil in it, and I'm done. 

Cute, but lazy as hell.

Anyhow, I'm in the mood to step it up again. The fact that my office is next to my kitchen is no excuse to look like hell all the time. Wish me luck. If you're also going through a similar metamorphosis, give me a shout out or a fist bump or something. 

Okay, now I have to live up to what I just wrote and make myself presentable enough to drink a glass of wine with a sweet friend while drooling over some Heart Knots

PS- since I just yammered on and on about nothing, I'll throw this in... it's Janelle Monae's new video (which I found today whilst Googling to make sure I had the correct link for her website). It's fun. Enjoy!