A quick note...

Obsessed with Searching For Zion

Have you ever read a book that completely rocked your world? I'm in the midst of this kind of forced rumbling of the emotional tectonic plates right now. The next several days are filled with deadlines and busy work (yay!), but I had to take a quick pause to share Emily Raboteau's Searching for Zion with you. 

In 2015 more people are having conversations with themselves about their blackness, their brownness, their whiteness, and any other racial or sexual identity that is part of the patchwork that makes up an awareness of self. Our culture calls upon us to label ourselves and others in ways that chips away at our richness as human beings. Raboteau's memoir looks this labeling and inner monologue dead in the eye. It's painful. I'm even finding the reading to be just painful enough to have to take it in small, hyperobsessed doses. The story not only exposes a conversation that America desperately needs to have with itself, but it investigates the idea of what makes a land "home," and why displacement has psychological effects that ripple through generations.

All I have left to say (at the moment) is, buy this book.