From Chelsea Clinton's March curation of's blog

Still A Boys' Club

We've seen so many headlines regarding the problem of gender equality in the tech world. I don't know if the feeling is different for my friends on the West Coast, but when the numbers and stories started rolling out I was astonished. Surely a modern industry that specializes in... well... being modern... would be ahead of the curve when it comes to hiring women, paying them the same wages as their male counterparts, and treating them with the same respect as their male counterparts. Even now, when I'm older, wiser, and have female friends who hold prestigious positions within or connected to the Silicon Valley, I'm shocked every time I see reports of the Silicon Valley "Boys' Club" that would have been confirmed rumors during the 1960s instead of now. 

When Chelsea Clinton curated the ONE Campaign's blog last month, she made sure to share news about America's gender equality issues. She shared this article from Fortune, which includes an analysis of the largest, most visible and celebrated companies that don't have a single woman sitting on their boards. Did you know that only 25 out of the Fortune 500 have a woman CEO, and that 23 of those boards are all male? If you haven't seen these stats, get reading and get talking!