I went away for two whole weeks.


I haven't exactly been idle over the past couple of weeks... but I certainly misjudged how many hours of the day my brain is able to produce readable written words that aren't always part of my day job. It happens to us all sometimes. We've been to New York for the Architectural Digest Home Show. I've been putting a girls' weekend together for one of my dearest friends who's getting married. I've been meeting with various people about my next phase of "life."* Mr. M and I attended Dr. Leo Twiggs's wildly successful opening at if ART gallery. There are always deadlines. The kids, for some strange reason, always want to be fed, read to, played with, clothed, or driven somewhere. Oh, and it's tax season--my absolute (least) favorite chore of the year. There's a whole gaggle of people out there like me who will stare this kind of calendar down with narrowed eyes and declare that they can do it all and then some--and we believe ourselves. So here I am, four days past due on the blog, with a backlog of things to share. It could be worse. What if I had nothing to share? 

I've managed to acquire an overflow of unnecessary noise in my life over the past couple of years. It's the kind of noise that tries to suffocate your love for the causes you take on and toys with the feelings about the city in which you live. There will always be people who disagree with your views, and the people I respect the most aren't necessarily the ones who always say things I agree with. They're the ones who can argue their side and still raise a glass with you at the end of the day, no matter which way the argument went. Despite that, I've felt a little bogged down and am looking forward to some re-focusing (seems like I get into the New Year's resolution spirit when summer approaches!).

I need more of this in my life right now!

Mr. M and I are not taking the boys to London this summer (though the two of us may slip off for a week at some point). June is going to be a fresh start, where I'll have shed the heavy cloaks that have been pulling me away from the parts of my life that make me uniquely myself. I hope to be constantly creating instead of constantly wishing for more time to create. I'll be immersing myself in projects that have been patiently waiting in the wings for my full attention while I've been dodging well-intended questions about where they'll lead. I'll be re-entering that bubble I used to make fun of myself about. Most importantly, I'll be driving the boys crazy with arts and craft projects. All. Summer. Long.**

The bubble full of fun, positive people who celebrate ideas action and triumphs instead of looking for hairline cracks at every turn is something that I've been missing lately. 

In the meantime I have SD cards, notebooks and external drives that are groaning with the content that I've built up since March 16, so expect a busy couple of weeks on the blog.

*more on that soon, I promise!

**and documenting their resistance with glee!