Closing my eyes and hoping for a home run



Do you remember that time I said that I was going to make the big switch from blogging at to writing at Remember when I said that would happen Jan. 5?


To use a very tired saying and rip it to shreds:

Sometimes, when life throws you a curveball you just have to close your eyes, whip that bat around, and pray you don't throw out your back.

On Monday of last week I started out having a normal morning. My husband and I managed to get the kids to school without any unforeseen pee, poo, snot or blood showing up anywhere. I was hopelessly behind on email* so I packed up my laptop and went to Whole Foods to sip an energy drink and nibble on something that looked a little healthy. 

When I opened my inbox with my usual feeling of wishing I could skip it and go on with my day, the first message to pop up at me led my diaphragm to clench as it moved, resulting in a sort of squeal that made the people sitting around me scoot their chairs in the opposite direction.

In a nutshell, the ambling, this-seems-like-a-cool-idea pace of re-writing the manuscript for my book jumped into Get Serious And Get To Work mode. I now need to have a chunk of it finished this week. 

This week?!

Yup. Which also means that anyone who takes a look at the manuscript might (assuming they don't spit on it and burn it) start poking around my website. We can't have that happening if the darn thing is incomplete, can we?

Enter #TeamCatherine

It happened that last Monday was also our new sitter's first day of work. When she arrived she found me a bit ashen-faced, still in a daze three hours after reading the email. There was so much work to do.

Do you know what chocolate sundaes sound like? I'll tell you:

"Actually, I do social media and web design in my spare time."

Yes! You're hired! And I'm not planning on any more children, so I can't name the next one after you, but if we ever get another dog it's name is going to be Catherine, even if it's a boy!

Later that evening I had to explain to the newly hired intern, also named Catherine, how much I'd appreciate it if she could work over Christmas break since she lives within a few minutes of my front door. 

Here comes the word-version of the extra fudge, sprinkles and cherry on the aforementioned sundae:

"Yes! I have absolutely nothing to do over Christmas break! I'd love to!"

I was beginning to think someone had slipped me a hallucinogen. But it turns out that these things really happened, because you're reading this post from, hopefully before anyone uses my manuscript to add a warm, comforting blaze to their living room fireplace.

Okay, so I've got to go, because I'm violating my instructions to keep my butt working until it's all done. Stay tuned! One day I may actually tell you what's in store for this site. Go take a look around and let me know what you think!


*someone recently told me that she had over 15,000 emails in her inbox. If I ever get to that point you will have to cart me away to some sort of "special" place.



Shani Gilchrist, author and freelance journalist

PS- quite a few blog posts have been migrated from Hopefully one of your favorites is in here somewhere!