the one campaign's new video leaves celebrities speechless.

I've mentioned that I've been working with the ONE Campaign since October--an experience that continues to be a combination of inspiration, amazement, hope and devastation.

Today marks the launch of a new campaign for the organization- one that sends a loud message while giving you a moment to think. People have been desensitized to the headlines regarding Ebola and have wasted time making careless jokes or speeding into hysterics when someone who's never travelled outside the United States picks his nose on an airplane. It's time to take Ebola seriously for the people who actually have reason to worry about contracting the disease. Those are the people with the least tools to fight it. Those are the people who have to make a choice between staying clear of the disease or comforting their shaking, sobbing, vomiting 18-month-old babies. That is how serious this is. If the idea of joining the likes of Bono, Akon, Danai Gurira, Thandie Newton, Ben Affleck, Will Farrell, Morgan Freeman, Ellie Goulding, and Connie Britton is what will drive you to use your voice to make a difference to West Africa's devastating public health crisis, that great. Do it. Watch the video below and sign the petition. 

video via one.org

Are you ready to do something? Here you go: http://one.org/ebolaYou can also use your voice on social media to spread the impact of this message by clicking here to tweet it out. 

Let's make some change.