On My Writing Life: *Sigh* I suppose I'll get used to this...

I'll just start by putting it out there.

I have a YouTube Channel now.

I feel a little bit weird about it. Eventually that awkwardness will stop conveying itself in the videos I'm posting, right?

Just nod and agree so I can feel better!

It's been a bit of an odd week on the book front. The first week back from the holidays is always a bit off for people. Two weeks off result in new projects, new directives, mountains of unread emails, and a burning desire to accomplish some meaningful work (which is held up by the mountains of emails and the housekeeping of returning to the desk). 

I started the week with the hope that we would hear back from a publisher on the partial manuscript that went out before the break. I wasn't necessarily expecting to hear:

"Oh my gosh, everyone at Super-Smart Publishing House, Inc. just adored it and we're ready to snap it up right away!"

That kind of thing almost never happens in the book world, and I'd be delusional to expect it. But hearing nothing got me down a little--which was also delusional because of the aforementioned awkwardness of the first work week of the year, which is pretty much a universal thing. 

Hosting friends for pre-birthday drinks with messy hair on Monday, even though my birthday is on Saturday. At least the dogΒ is being a good and well-groomed host!

Hosting friends for pre-birthday drinks with messy hair on Monday, even though my birthday is on Saturday. At least the dog is being a good and well-groomed host!

Realizing my unrealistic expectations didn't ease my anxiety the way I'd hoped, so I leapt into planning my birthday (except I really didn't, just ended up having friends over Birthday Week Kickoff bubbly, instead) and working on the strange business of promoting oneself as an author. I'm lucky enough to have a wonderful agent who has proven herself to be adept at talking me down off of the anxiety ledge (which reminds me, I need to put her Christmas gift in the mail when I'm done here!). Between her sedative words and my husband's insistence that I attend last night's University of SC basketball game with his company, I woke up today feeling mellowed out once again.

Until I saw the email from half of #TeamCatherine informing me that the YouTube Channel was up and running.

Ack! Whatever happened to being a writer who, you know, just writes stuff?!

Oh yeah, I have to convince people to go buy the stuff I'm writing! So here's the first video, and I promise these will improve. It's really more of a test run with the nifty new microphone that came in the mail, anyway.

...and don't worry. I actually wrote this week, as well. A whole half of a chapter. And the week isn't even over yet!

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